Newsletter June 5-9

Week In Review

June 5-9

Monday: ​This week, for our final full week of school, we will be talking all about the summer

season. For our project of the day we continued our self-portrait watercolors from last week. We

used a fun painting technique of using dried out markers dipped into watercolors instead of

paintbrushes. This added a color-matching element to the project. Each child had a photo of

themselves from the beginning of the year and a photo taken last week. As they painted they

were prompted to think about how they are the same or different now and what they have

enjoyed learning this year.


Tuesday: ​Today we engaged our senses (and our descriptive literacy skills) and wrote sensory

poems about summer, discussing what we taste, feel, smell, see, and hear during the season!


Wednesday: ​We continued our discussion about summer. During group time, we practiced our

listening and waiting skills as we took turns sharing our summer plans. We also talked about the

things we wish we could do over the summer, and illustrated our ideas onto a Summer Bucket



Thursday: ​Today we talked about how animals that live in hot climates stay cool, and how

animals in more temperate climates keep cool when it’s hot! After learning about ideas like

estivation, heat release, and adaptation, we talked about the fun ways we like to stay cool in the

summer, and wrote and drew pictures to show our ideas!


Friday: ​Today we said goodbye to our 6th grade buddies with a party! We played games,

shared a special snack, and had a good time with our friends from Ms. Lefere’s class!

Gym Time With Teacher Mike:

Our last full week in the gym was a good one. The kids are getting so good at remembering

routines, stretches, expectations, and they seem to have a real passion for play. This week we

played a lot of our classic games like Mr. Fox, Cookie Monster, Band-Aid Tag, Bird’s Nest, and

others. They are showing great sporting behavior and are on track to be great leaders when

they get into kindergarten. I am looking forward to a final week of games and we will be sure to

have at least one more epic freeze dance before the year comes to an end.

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Halle’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • Please check the sign in table for important information regarding the last week of school
  • Please note there will be no aftercare​ on the last day of school
  • If your child will be out on any days next week, please let us know now so we can be

sure to get all our end of the year items to you including our PreK memory books filled

with special work from the beginning of school through the whole year!