Newsletter September 25-29, 2017

Week in Review


Monday: In Morning Meeting, we introduced Alana as the Person of the Week, and we continued our Alphabet Study with the letter Cc. We used our Hundreds Chart to count the days we have been in school together. In group time, we began exploring our Community Helpers unit. We also started Classroom Community Helpers, where we take turns helping our classroom community with jobs like Door Holder, Clean-up Crew, and Lunch Monitor. The dramatic play area has been transformed into a fire station with a (pretend) fire pole and fire hose!


Tuesday: Today we talked about librarians who are wonderful Community Helpers. Students remembered the visit from Ms. Nina, the Multnomah County Youth Librarian. She will be visiting us once a month. For our project, we water colored bookmarks, that said READ on them. Students also helped put a piece of yarn through the small hole. We hope you all enjoy putting these in any book you’re reading together.


Wednesday:  Today we continued our study of community helpers by talking about mail and mail carriers. For our project we painted post cards. We will continue to work on these postcards over the next few weeks and add messages to the backs!


Thursday: We continued our discussion about community helpers by focusing on emergency responders, such as fire fighters, police officers, and EMRs. We also discussed what to do in emergency situations and to always let parents, teachers, or caregivers know when they are scared or see something that looks unsafe. We practiced recognizing the numbers 911 and talked about how that is a number to dial when there is an emergency or we need help. We had a very special visit from our local fire station! They let us walk through their fire truck and they even sprayed their water cannon for us!!


Friday: We wrapped up our study of Community Helpers and shared our favorite moments from the Fire Fighter visit yesterday! This was a very exciting experience for our students.  In the morning, Teacher Mir delighted us with one of his famous magic shows, performing some never before seen tricks!


Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

We had a blast this week in the gym. To celebrate our firefighters coming to school we played Firefighter tag. We also played mountains and valleys and learned the difference between the two. The spatial awareness over the course of a couple of weeks has vastly improved and the kids are getting a better idea of safe ways to use their bodies while having fun. I encourage the students to do our pre-game stretches in the morning and I bet they would love to show them off to you!


Notes and Reminders


  • Thanks to Finley’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • Rest time comes directly after lunch time, so we ask that you save treats and sweets (chocolates, candies, cookies, etc.) to enjoy at home. This helps students rest more easily and be prepared for the rest of the afternoon.
  • We have rest time for 30 minutes a day. This is a state mandated requirement. Some friends do sleep or lay very still on their mats and daydream. Students who don’t sleep have the option to quietly look at books on their mats, either ones from the classroom or special ones from home. The one thing we ask of everyone is that they remain silent and have a calm body. This pause in our day helps set the stage for our energetic afternoon and gym time. Please discuss rest time and rest time expectations with your child and emphasize how important this “break time” is to having a fun day at school and ensuring everyone is ready for the afternoon.
  • The next Person of the Week will be Alenna.
  • Next week we will be discussing our Five Senses.
  • The letter of the week will be Dd.