Newsletter October 2-6, 2017

Week In Review

Notes and Reminders

 Thanks to Elise’s family for the delicious snack this week!

  • There is no school for Pre-K on Friday, October 13th.
  • Registered before-care begins at 7:45.. If you arrive prior to 7:45, we may not be prepared to let you in as we will still be setting up for the day.
  • Please make all tuition checks payable to Irvington Extended Day.
  • Conference sign-ups are out! Please select a daytime or evening slot to discuss your child’s progress! Conferences are adult-only, please make other arrangements for your child during that time.
  • Please make sure your child has weather-appropriate outerwear every day. We always play outside unless conditions are unhealthy, so during our morning recess at this time of year temperatures are on average 45-55 degrees and much of our morning play area is in shade. Please see the Outdoor Clothing Letter for more information regarding program requirements.
  • Beaumont Middle School had a school wide Lock Down drill at 3:10 p.m. Pre-K did an amazing job!


Monday: In Morning Meeting we introduced Dd as the letter of the week, and Alenna as the new Person of the Week. We continued practicing our rote counting skills with our Hundreds Chart, and we rotated Classroom Job Helpers. This week we began our Five Senses theme. Throughout the week we will explore our sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing.


Tuesday: Today we explored our sense of smell as we sniffed some “mystery scents” for our project!  They were all culinary grade spices, herbs, and coffee. We built literacy skills as we described what our noses were experiencing and then voted for our favorites. We also sang a song about Five Senses, sung to the tune of Frere Jacque.


Wednesday: We continued to explore our five senses by focusing on our sense of hearing. We talked about how our ears work and the different kinds of things we can hear with them. For our special project, we used our sense of hearing to guess the mystery objects inside of large tubes! In the afternoon, we took advantage of the beautiful weather to go on a nature walk (around the field) and we collected leaves, pinecones, and other nature treasures for our science center!


Thursday: Today we experimented with our sense of sight! We tried painting blindfolded! We used primary colors onto the paper and then looked at our creations and talked about how it feels to create art without one of the senses we usually rely on, and what other senses became more important instead.


Friday: We spent the day wrapping up this week’s projects. We also introduced the final of the five senses, taste! We had a special snack consisting of sweet coconut, sour cranberry concentrate juice, bitter 85% cacao chocolate, salty crackers, and savory multi-seed tamari crackers. We also enjoyed a freeze-dance listening party to celebrate our five senses learning. We also had a lock-down drill right at 3:00, and everyone did a great job!


Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

It has been a great week in the gym! We played Touch Tag, Smell Tag, The Five Senses and a few other games to connect what we have been learning about in the classroom. I have also been setting up some cone obstacle courses to work on our motor skills and the kids are flying through it. The kids have been showing each other a lot of respect and are cheering and making sure the gym is a fun place for all. Looking forward to next week and trying out some new games.