Newsletter December 11-15, 2017

Week in Review


Thanks and Reminders

  • Thanks to Neil’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • Pre-K is back in session on Tuesday, January 2nd. Happy winter break!


Ideas for Helping Your Child Transition After Break


  • A few days before school starts, encourage your child to share his or her favorite things to do at school, or favorite part of the day.
  • Consider using the following conversation starters to have positive discussions about school: their friends, new things that they have learned to do in PreK, special days and projects that have been fun, etc. Some highlights of the year so far have been Pajama Day, the firefighters’ visit, our spider tea party, magic shows, doctor and farmers’ market dramatic play, all the fun gym games we have learned, and, of course, our T.A.s!
  • We also have some special things coming up in the new year!! Mir will do a special magic show to celebrate our return to school the week we come back. Soon we will be celebrating the 100th Day of School! Plus, we have lots of exciting learning about Space and Fairy Tales 🙂
  • If your child really enjoys clothes and thinking about outfits, consider planning a back-to-school outfit together to celebrate being all back together!


Monday: In Morning Meeting, we introduced Elliott as our Person of the Week, and the letter Ll as the next letter of our Alphabet Study. This week we continued our Winter theme, focusing on Polar Animals. Today we looked at the very popular flightless bird who only lives in the Southern Hemisphere, the penguin. We read some great facts about penguins in The National Geographic Book Penguin. We also enjoyed some fun fictional books about penguins too. For our project, students made their own penguin using construction paper. Some students decided to add some yellow pieces of paper to make their penguin look like the Macaroni Penguin. Come and check these out! 

Tuesday: We continued our discussion on winter animals, with an emphasis on narwhals today! We read Not Quite NARWHAL by Jessie Sima and Narwhal by Solomon Awa. We learned some amazing facts about narwhals, and for our special project we made mixed media narwhals.

Wednesday: Today we learned about the fascinating northern lights, and turned our animal study focus to caribou. We shared two nonfiction books on these subjects and enjoyed the picture book If You Want to See a Caribou by Phyllis Root. For our project we explored the effects of directional brush strokes and color mixing on paper to make a painting of a caribou silhouetted against the northern lights. 

Thursday: Today we continued talking about a variety of animals that live in the polar regions and read some fun books about them like, Counting On Snow, Lost and Found, and Best in Snow. For our project, students made jingle bell necklaces using two colors of beads to create a winter themed pattern.

Friday: Today we enjoyed our winter celebration! We all shared about the PJ’s we wore, and the plans we have for the winter break. We spent the morning creating some fun winter crafts like paper snowflakes, beaded necklaces, pipe-cleaner and bead snowflakes, and snowman decorating. In the afternoon, we continued with some of these project choices, as well as reading winter books. For our snack, we had popcorn and hot chocolate! We ended our day with a dance party! Also, we are so thankful for the generous gifts and cards from families! 

Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

We had sunny weather and full access to the gym this week! We played some Lemur tag, Ball toss, relays, parachute launch and many other games. A Special thanks to our Middle School TA’s for leading the kids stretches in the gym this week!

During winter break I encourage the kids to stretch everyday just like we do at school. Maybe a few of our classroom games can be played in the living room!

I really appreciate the thoughtful gifts! I hope everyone has a great Holiday season and happy new year!

Cheers-Team Pre-k