Newsletter January 2-5, 2018

Week in Review

Notes and Reminders


  • Thanks to Miles’ family for the delicious snack this week!
  • Next week’s letter will be Mm.
  • The next Person of the Week will be Emily.
  • Students are welcome to use chapstick at school. Since it is considered a “medicine” by the state, we label each tube and keep it in a central location. Students can ask for it whenever they need it and we give reminders!
  • Please make sure your child has a water bottle at school every day.


Monday: No School. Happy New Year!

Tuesday: In Morning Meeting we introduced our job helpers and resumed counting the number of days we have been in school with our Hundreds Chart. During group time we shared all about our winter breaks and for our special project we illustrated our favorite parts! We spent the day reuniting with friends and getting back into our classroom routines. Our focus this week will be on reviewing school rules and expectations.

 Wednesday: Today we talked about the new year ahead of us and all the fantastic opportunities it holds! We discussed things we were excited to do or try, and explored the concepts of resolutions and goal making. Students shared their ideas about their own goals and resolutions for the upcoming year, then worked with a teacher to write down and illustrate their ideas. They’re hanging up in the back–come check them out!

 Thursday: Today, as we thought about the things we want to do in this upcoming year, we looked at ourselves and noticed some of the changes that have occurred since we started school together in the fall. In the spirit of this kind of self-reflection, students made a self-portrait using sharpie markers and watercolors. These will be hanging up for you to see! Such growth can be seen in their fine motor skills.

Friday: We wrapped up a great week back with some of our favorite fun activities. Students enjoyed making beaded bracelets, painting with watercolors, looking at the winter themed books, and Lego. We discussed our upcoming unit on space and are excited to start learning about our solar system on Monday!

Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

The kids came back from break ready for some fun and exercise. We played some Astronaut Tag, Band aid tag, Ball bouncing, Cone weaving, Night at the museum, and other games. The kids have been doing a great job of transitioning to and from the gym to make sure we get the most amount of fun as possible and it is much appreciated!


Happy 2018 from team Pre-K!