Newsletter January 8-15, 2018

Week in Review


Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Evan and Alana’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • We are closed Monday for MLK day
  • Please help us by reminding your child that toys from home need to stay at home.
  • To help keep everyone safe and facilitate the school day environment, Pre-K students and siblings must have an adult with them in the lobby at all times.
  • We love to play outside on rainy days, too! Please send rain boots with your child. You are welcome to keep them at school with their other outside things.

 Monday: Today we got back into the swing of our regular week. We introduced the letter of the week, the Person of the Week, as well as new jobs. The much anticipated dramatic play area has been transformed into a space station and the students are enthusiastic about playing there. We have started our three-week Space unit and we began looking at the planets in our Solar System.

Tuesday, we talked about our home in the solar system: Earth! We learned some cool facts and shared what we already know, then moved to the project table to make mixed media paintings. After observing pictures of the earth taken from space, we made pictures of our planet by using watercolor and tempera mixed with sand.

 Wednesday:  Today we continued to focus on the inner planets that are closest to the Sun. For our project, students wrapped brightly colored yarn around a circular piece of cardboard to resemble one of the other three rock planets. These are hanging up in the classroom. Student’s continue to diligently count to our goal of 100, and we have added stars in out science center to count.

Thursday: We continued exploring the planets within our solar system. We focused on the four gas giants located at the outer reaches of our solar system. We examined photographs of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and discussed the similarities and differences between them. For our special project, we marble-painted the gas giants!

 Friday: As the week came to an end, we had fun discussing all the cool things we have learned this week and all the amazing things we are looking forward to over the next two weeks. Have you checked out our amazing space art around the room? We also worked on hundreds counting activities in preparation for the hundredth day of school coming up soon and practiced our literacy skills writing and illustrating space words.

 Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

This week we had a mix of gym time and classroom game time. The kids brought a great focus and energy and we all had a lot of fun. We pretended to be astronauts while playing tag, we practiced our underhand tosses with ball toss, we worked on our agility with cone weaving, and we made silly animals sounds with Animal Walk. Special thanks to our middle school helpers helping to facilitate rainy day activities!