Newsletter February 19-23, 2018

Week in Review 


Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Arlo’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • If you did not receive information on the inclement weather changes, please email Ingrid at so we can update or add you to the list for the future!
  • We are working to secure space for our fantastic Pre-K graduation ceremony! In years past we have used the gym but that space will not be available to us during the school day, so we are working with school staff to find a time and space that will work for us all. We are conscious that many families need to request time off in advance and will update you with the date and time as soon as we have something definitely secured.
  • We go out to play even when it is very cold, as long as it isn’t hazardous. Please make sure on days that it is freezing or below that your child has a suitable coat, hat, and mittens for playing outside for 30-60 minutes!


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Today the students were very enthusiastic about the snowfall, and we all watched it with great excitement. We had new jobs, a new letter of the week: S, and a new Person of the Week; Jack. We began our unit on music and read Max Found Two Sticks. We practiced some rhythm stick patterns and will continue to expand this throughout the week. Since we had an early release, our afternoon was full of songs and games in our classroom.

Wednesday: Snow Day!!

Thursday: Today we had another short day with a two-hour delay. We were able to explore some musical instruments, including an ukulele. We carefully listened to the sounds the ukulele made and how those sounds changed when different parts of the strings were pressed. Students even got a chance to play the ukulele! We also had a mountain dulcimer and autoharp here for students to explore as well.

Friday: We wrapped up our week of music with exploring wind instruments and how air moves through objects to make different sounds. We started out with a concrete example of this by experimenting with blowing into a bottle and producing different pitches and volumes. Then we looked at examples of different instruments around the world and passed around a flute and an ocarina. We’ve had a great (if short!) week of exploring different kinds of instruments and instrument families, and are excited to keep building on our knowledge!

Gym Time with Teacher Mike: Due to the snowy weather this week we were unable to use the gym. The kids were great sports and made sure to keep positive attitudes while we utilized in the classroom space. We played Rhythm detective, Animal Walk, Pick Your Table, My DVD player, Freeze dance and a few more games. Hopefully the weather is a little bit warmer next week and we can get back into our gym routine.

Have a nice weekend!