Newsletter March 19-23, 2018

Week in Review 

Notes and Reminders


  • Thanks to Elliott’s Family for the delicious snack!
  • Beaumont had a Team Response on Tuesday due to a medical emergency in the main building.
  • Neil is the next Person of the Week
  • The next letter of the week in Ww
  • Coming soon: Pre-K Art Showcase! An event for families to view our amazing classroom art gallery!
  • Have an awesome Spring Break!

Monday: In Morning Meeting we introduced Matheson as the Person of the Week and the letter Vv as the next letter of our Alphabet Study. We began the third and final week of our amazing art unit! Seurat was the artist of the day. We talked about Seurat’s use of small dots in his paintings. We examined close up images of his work to better understand how the small dots of pointillism work together to create a larger picture. For the special project, we created Seurat inspired pointillism of our own.


Tuesday: Today we continued working on our pointillism pictures. We also read The Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin and Rosana Faria, and talked about ways to appreciate art without the use of our eyes. Inspired by this book, we created textured art using glue overlaid with black paint.


Wednesday: We continued working on the textured art, and students covered the dried glue with black paint. Students enjoyed a nature walk as we observed the changes occurring outside. We noticed both trees and flowers blooming. Also, we had a fire drill today during aftercare.


Thursday:  Inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms we saw on our walk yesterday, we looked at some Japanese paintings that feature cherry blossoms. We also read Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms by Robert Paul Weston and Misa Saburi. For our project, students started making their cherry blossom paintings using black liquid watercolor to create the branches. After the watercolor dried, we painted with the tips of pencils to create small dots in a variety of colors to mimic the petals of the blossoms.


Friday: We wrapped up our cherry blossom project in the morning. We also had an optional project where we examined the work of Piet Mondrian. We discussed his affinity for primary colors, abstraction, and simple geometric shapes. We used primary colored pastels to create art inspired by his Composition series.


Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

The Middle School Science Fair was taking up the gym this week, so we spent most of our days having indoor gym time. In the classroom we played Sleeping Frogs, Rhythm Detective, Animal Walk, Freeze Dance, and a few more. We were able to play some Art Tag in the gym on Monday and get in some fitness. When in the classroom, I try to play games where they can run in place and do as many movements as possible (to shake the sillies out).