Newsletter May 7-11th 2018

Week in Review


Monday: In Morning Meeting, we introduced our new jobs for the week, and the number 2 as the number of the week. We continued counting down to the last day of school with our hundreds chart (20 days left). This week we began our two week Ocean unit, and started off with looking at waves and how they are created. We read My Life with a Wave, by Octavio Paz and selections from Waves.  For our project, students imagined the sounds of the ocean, as well as the movements to create wave paintings. There was a variety of ocean colors and even some sand mixed in to create added texture. These will be used as a background for our hermit crab project on Friday.


Tuesday: We focused our ocean study on whales and we read several whale themed books, such as I Am a Whale by Darlene Stille, and The Blue Whale by Jenni Desmond.  We examined whale sizes, shapes, and distinguishing features.  We also looked at pictures comparing blue whales to a city bus, a giraffe, and a dinosaur. For our project, we used water colors to paint whales! Students also decorated a birthday crown for Maddie’s summer birthday.


Wednesday: We continued our discussion of whales and read The Storm Whale and The Storm Whale in winter both written by Benji Davies. During project time, we finished our watercolor whales. There were also whale coloring pages and a variety of ocean and camping related words at our writing center.


Thursday: Today we discussed various ocean creatures, including seahorses, sharks, and anglerfish. We read Gilbert the Great by Jane Clarke and Charles Fuge, Shawn Loves Sharks by Curtis Manley, and Ocean and Sea by Steve Parker. In the afternoon, we created ocean images using pastels. Students also decorated a birthday crown for Hazel’s summer birthday.


Friday: Today we read A House for Hermit Crab, by Eric Carle. The book tells the tale of the life of a hermit crab living on the ocean floor over a years’ time. The hermit crab decorates his “house” with a variety of friendly sea creatures. For our project, students selected and colored a couple of paper sea creatures to add to their hermit crab that they glued onto their wave painting from Monday. Students also decorated a birthday crown for Claire’s summer birthday.


Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

This week we turned the gym into a giant Ocean. We played Whale tag, Shark Tag, What Time Is it Mr. Shark? And All across the Ocean.  We went surfing, danced at a 60’s beach party, and had a bunch of good times! The kids did a great job of respecting boundaries, staying safe and having fun. 


Notes and Reminders

  • Thank you for all the generous gifts in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week! We really appreciate all the thoughtful gestures.
  • Thanks to Vincent’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • We consider the outdoors to be an extension of our learning and play environment, so weather appropriate clothing is essential to your child’s participation in the school day. Temperatures during our morning recess are still in the low 50s and the courtyard is shaded at that time. Therefore, please make sure your child has a coat (waterproof, lightweight) at school every day. Temperatures during our afternoon recess are warming up, so removable layers are great! Also, due to the presence of lice, borrowed coats must be washed prior to returning.
  • No school Monday, May 28th
  • Pre-K Graduation is Thursday, May 31st at 4:00pm in the Beaumont cafeteria. Be on the lookout for more details posted by the sign in book. Friends and family are welcome to attend!
  • The last day of school is Friday, June 8th. Please note that there will be no aftercare on this day.