Newsletter May 21-25, 2018

Week in Review

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Aida’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • Pre-K graduation is this coming Thursday, May 31st at 4:00pm! Please see the flyer by the sign in book for more information.
  • Please note that there will be no aftercare on the last day of school Friday, June 8th.
  • Beaumont had a fire drill Wednesday afternoon. These monthly fire drills are great practice, and Pre-K does an amazing job getting outside quickly and safely!

Monday: In Morning Meeting we introduced the week’s job helpers and number 4 as the new number of the week. We continued counting down to the last day of school with our Hundreds Chart (9 days left). This week we began our Transportation unit. Today we focused on air transportation and we read Donald Crews’ Flying. For our project we used our fine motor skills to fold our own paper airplanes! We also started a transportation survey to chart how students arrived to school each day this week.

Tuesday: We continued discussing various forms of air transportation during group time. We read National Geographic Kids’ Planes and How People Learned to Fly by Fran Hodgkins. We continued working on folding paper airplanes. We imagined different ways that we might like going to school, if we could. Some students said they would take a rocket, a pogo stick, a motorcycle, and even a rollercoaster! We also worked on Arlo’s summer birthday crown.

Wednesday:  We focused our transportation discussion on hot air balloons! During group time we read Sebastian and the Balloon, and Away We Go! and Hot Air. For our project, we started a collaborative painting project. Students worked together in pairs or groups of three to turn a paper lantern into a hot air balloon. Students took turns painting, holding the paper lantern and deciding on the colors. Tomorrow we will finish these and add a folded paper basket. We also made awesome paper helicopters, which we tested during outside time.

Thursday: During group time, we read Three Bears in a Boat by David Soman and Toy Boat by Randall de Seve. We talked about different forms of water transportation, such as speed boats, sailboats, kayaks, and surfboards. We also read Who Sank the Boat and Sail Away by Donald Crews. For our project, we created boats out of aluminum foil and tested their buoyancy. We also finished our collaborative hot air balloons.

 Friday: We wrapped up our discussion of transportation by reading several transportation themed books, such as Truck, Freight Train and School Bus by Donald Crews. We also examined the FAST! book series by Ian Graham, which includes Bullet Trains, Jet Planes, Supercars, and Speedboats. These are a big hit with our Pre-Kers.

Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

Transportation week meant a lot of movement in the gym this week. We played Helicopter Tag, Blimp tag, Red Light Green Light motorcycle style, rode on horses to transport some cattle, and had a blast! I encourage shoes with socks so the kids do not get blisters moving around since I have noticed some of our sandal wearers complaining. Have a great Memorial day!